Welcome to Nebulous Logic

Welcome to Nebulous Logic, my lab notebook and scratchpad on the web. My name is Mike Everhart, and I’m an engineer with a background in digital hardware and programmable logic (PL) design, and more hours of lab hardware, software, and PL debug and integration than I can possibly estimate. My hope is that this can be a home for me to document the projects I’m working on, cool projects that others are working on, and eventually tutorials to help others get started in electronics design.

My areas of interest are:

  • Digital hardware design
  • FPGA design
  • Retro-computing /retro-gaming
  • Emulation/Replication of retro computers and gaming systems
  • Embedded systems, especially low-level systems
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • And really, anything else that catches my eye

As I have a full time job and a family (including two young boys), my posting schedule will likely be irregular at best. All posts should also be taken as a work in progress – it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to finish a project, work out all of the issues, and post a completed (and bug/error free) write-up given my time constraints.

Currently I’m planning on enabling comments to encourage dialogue, but all comments will be held for moderation to prevent spam. I’ll try to review as quickly as possible.

I’ll not be sharing any information about my employer (or work) here, but please note that all opinions and errors are my own. All work is also my own, unless otherwise noted.

On that note – let’s build some stuff! And remember, everyone eventually lets the “magic smoke” out of something they’re working on. Just try not to do it on anything too expensive…