Linked: Your First THINK C Program

You know C, of course. Perfectly understandable. It is in the air that surrounds us, now, and you would be innocent to think it has always been so. To begin your exploration of the Macintosh it would be best to start on some familiar ground. Retrieve the installation disks for THINK C 5.0 from the Macintosh Repository


Here’s a fun, quick introduction to setting up a THINK C environment in Mini vMac.

Linked: cy384 | The Ultimate Centris 650

The Centris 650 (or the slightly later Quadra 650) is one of the last machines of the era, but also cheap, expandable, and hackable. As a bonus, it’s capable of running the final version of A/UX.


This is the same developer that released the SSHeven SSH client for System 7/8/9 – I look forward to seeing what they come up with as upgrades/hacks for the Centris 650. The 650 is really a great machine, and I am so glad I have one of my own.